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The elementary school teacher is often at a loss to find a course management system which they can use. Though Grade Connect was designed for middle and high school teachers, it is easily adapted to the elementary school.

Use "Courses" for "Subjects"

Grade Connect refers to them as "courses." But there is no reason why you couldn't use them for "subjects"!

Enrolling students

In the lower grades, the parent would enroll the student into Grade Connect. A student only needs to enroll once. The username and password will be valid for all the years the child is in that school. The child can enroll or be enrolled by a parent into all the subject areas that teachers create on GradeConnect.

Unenrolled students

If a student, for whatever reason, is not enrolled, the teacher can enroll that student. Teacher can create a username and password for the student. During the enrollment process, teacher can use a "fake" email address. Email addresses are collected by Grade Connect for the convenience of the teacher and is not necessary for the system, so anything will do.

Usernames must be unique — but not passwords. If all fake emails in a school are sent to, every teacher will know that it is fake. If the situation rectifies itself, the email can be changed to a real one at any time. This will then place all the students in Grade Connect and the teachers will have all their grades computed for them in each subject as well as having the ability to produce a progress report specific to each subject.

We're always here to help! If you questions on using Grade Connect for elementary schools, please feel free to contact us at


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