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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Grade Connect?

Grade Connect is a web-based course management system. Its primary feature is an online gradebook (which automatically calculates quarter grades). Grade Connect allows teachers to post assignments and announcements and email students in bulk. For more information see the Grade Connect features tour.


I'm a teacher. How do I get started?

Fax Grade Connect a request on a school letterhead. If your school is not listed in the system, it will be added. We will then email you a school code. When you receive your school code, you will be able to use the on-site form to create a teacher account. You can then create your course in the site and then inform the students to start their own account.


Do I have to enter all of my students' information into my Grade Connect account?

No. Students create their own account and will supply their own information. Once they create their account they can log in and join your course. Their information is automatically added to your course.


Why do teachers need a school code to create accounts?

School codes are used to prevent students from creating a teacher account and using your school account for inappropriate purposes.


If a student gets the school code and creates a teacher account can they do any damage?



Does a student need a code to create an account?

No. They only need to validate their e-mail address before they can see their grades.


How can I have Grade Connect calculate grades for me?

Grade Connect now offers three different grading methods: Individually Weighted Assessments, Category Weighted Assessments, and Straight Point Based. One of these methods should match your grading style.


What is the Individually Weighted Assessments Grading method?

Each assessment is assigned a weight (ex. Test 1 - 12.5%, Test 2 - 12.5%, Homework 1 - 2%). The student's score is calculated by multiplying each assessment score by its corresponding percent and adding them all up. Assessments should add to 100% by the end of the Quarter. Note this does not allow for the dropping of lowest assessment.


What is the Category Weighted Assessments Grading method?

Each assessment is assigned to a category (ex. Tests, Labs, Presentations, etc.) and the category is assigned a weight (ex Tests - 40%, Presentations - 20%, etc). Individual assessment weights are then automatically calculated by based on these category weights. Note: this allows for the option in each category to drop the student's lowest grade.


What is the Straight Point Based Grading method?

Each assessment is assigned points (ex. 18/22) and the student's score is simply calculated by dividing the total points he/she earned by the total points possible. (ex. Test 1 - 15/20, Test 2 - 17/18 - Current student score is 32/38 or 84%) Note: this does not allow for automatic dropping of lowest grade.


If I post grades in Grade Connect, do I have to let Grade Connect calculate grades or can I use Microsoft™ Excel?

You can post grades in Grade Connect and elect not to assign weights. You can then export your gradebook to a .csv (comma delimited file) to be imported into Excel or another program.


GradeConnect seems to be geared toward high school. Can I use it for elementary school?

Of course! Click here to find out more.



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