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The easy-to-use, multi-administrator, all-in-one website solution just for schools

iSchoolSite is the quick and easy way to create and manage your own high-content website.

It will allow you to create pages, sections, calendars and more by using a very simple interface — the website itself! When you enter using your special login, you'll see your site, and the controls for adding and editing right there above your content. No more authoring programs, ftp uploads and no HTML (unless you want it.)

After you've obtained a site design, or selected one of our templates, you're ready to start adding content. As you create sections and pages — all with just clicks of the mouse — links appear in the side menu... automatically!

By setting administrator levels, you can assign multiple members of school and faculty to update their own sections. You control which sections are able to be modified and by whom. The built-in template allows administrators to add content without disrupting the appearance of the site — keeping your cohesive "look" intact and safe.

iSchoolSite also has several useful features already built in such as a school calendar, news and events systems — all with automatic promos and links on the front page which you also control!

Features include:

• WYSISYG style page editing (Just type and format as you would in a word processor. No HTML is necessary.)
• School News section
• News highlights automatically on the front page
• Dynamic Menus (They update automatically as you add content!)
• School Calendar
• School Events page automatically Integrates with Calendar
• Events highlights automatically on the front page
• User/administrator levels (You control which pages users can update.)
• Automatically-generated Sitemap
• Sponsors Page and Modules (Allows you to have local advertisers help support your site.)
• And more!

GradeConnect is proud to be able to offer iSchoolSite as your all-in-one school website solution!

For more information visit the iSchoolSite website at

Call 215-780-1772 for more information.
Or email Charles Gallagher at


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