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Grade Connect privacy policy

Grade Connect, Inc. believes strongly in the user's right to privacy, especially the privacy of a child. All information collected is for the sole purpose of the operation of the website and is not sold to any entity for any reason. We promise not to disclose your private information to any third party except if required to do so by law, or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with legal process, respond to claims, or to protect the rights, property or safety of Grade Connect users or the public. We take all reasonable care in handling your personal information to ensure its security both offline and online.

Types of information we collect

All information collected from the student is information that would normally be available to the teacher, school administrators and counselors and is used for the sole purpose of administrative tasks of the teacher, school administrators or counselors in using this site such as entering grades and contacting students through e-mail. Information collected from the teachers is used for maintaining course and school integrity. Your IP address (your current Internet address) is stored in the server logs at the time of your visit, as it is on all web sites. We do not collect any personal information (such as a name, address or email address) when you visit the site unless you register for the service.

Grade Connect registration

You must provide a real email address when you register. Only Grade Connect System Administrators, School Group Managers and Counselors, and the teacher of the course(s) you enroll can view your information. No other student, parent or user can view your information.


Grade Connect uses browser cookies to track your login, and other information about your session. Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on your hard drive between visits. For example, we use a cookie to store your username and password so you don't have to re-enter them each time you click on a new page. These cookies do not collect, store or maintain any private, personally identifiable information. You will need to accept these cookies to use the site (turning cookies off will prevent you from being able to login to Grade Connect). You may delete the cookies from your hard drive after each Grade Connect use.


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