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Educational Technology Training

Do you ever wonder why GradeConnect is as good as it is? It's so good because it is designed by teachers, not programmers. We know what we need! We also know that using technology in the classroom demands a combination of skills. We can help you and your school!

GradeConnect offers educational technology training to teachers and schools for everything from basic computer skills to the integration and coordination of complex technologies for use in the classroom.

For everything from operating systems, SMART boards, document cameras, microscopes to internet services (yes, that includes and iSchoolsite).

We will come to you. Schedule us for your next inservice day. Please see the schedule below for our fees. (Though we're happy to come to you, the below fees do not include travel expenses outside of 100 miles of the metropolitan Philadelphia, PA area. These expenses will be added to your fees.)

• Full day training (6 hours) - $750/trainer. With full day training, we are happy to work with your staff to review as many or as few areas of interest with you as you like. Contact us now to plan for your school.

• Half day training (3 hours) - $400/trainer.

• Hourly rate - $150/trainer

Charles Gallagher

Schools with a GradeConnect Gold Membership or an iSchoolSite Membership will receive a 10% discount on all training fees*. Schools utilizing both a GradeConnect Gold Membership and iSchoolSite will receive a 20% discount on all training fees*.
* (Travel expenses not included in discount.)


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