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More Features
for Teachers


Enhanced Teacher Membership provides many features.

No ads!

A Teacher Membership will remove all advertising on your students' accounts while viewing your courses.


You'll be able to store records on student attendance. You'll be able to make attendance information available to parents.

Archive Courses

With an enhanced Teacher Account, you will be able to save your courses indefintely for the duration of your membership!

Copy Courses

Teaching more sections of a course this year? Do you need another copy of a course you created in GradeConnect? The enhanced Teacher Membership will allow you to copy course data and make it available for a new group of students. (Course data only, not student data.)

Seating Charts

You will be able to generate seating charts.

Wordsearch Generator

Easily create printable wordsearch puzzles for distribution to your students.

Teacher Memberships are available for Only $3.95/mo or $39.95/yr


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