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An overview of GradeConnect

GradeConnect is an online course management system. It keeps teachers and students — and even parents — connected online. Now teachers have more free time, and students are constantly aware of their standing.

Most notable features include a secure online gradebook, announcement and assignment postings, and a convenient email system.


We've got it right. Grade Connect was designed by teachers. Teachers who have "been there" and know what you want—what you need. It's incredibly useful. And it's that simple.


It's online so it doesn't require a network server to be installed. There are no special connections and no need for an IT professional (the computer guy) to set anything up.


Teachers login in with 128 bit ssl encryption, the same technology used to make purchases using credit cards. The servers are backed up daily and maintained in secured facilities. They are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Some of the bigger names in education and computer technology have recognized and endorsed GradeConnect. More.


You can read more about Grade Connect by continuing your tour :: teachers, students, elementary, free.

You can also request access to our online demonstration. Or create your own account now!

If you still have questions, you can view our FAQ page or email us at You can also give call us at 215-780-1772.


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