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Grade Connect and students

One day we asked a group of students using Grade Connect how they thought we might improve the site. Their response: "Make more of the teachers use it."

"The students are hooked," says Lou Osinski, the teacher who originally created the site. "As soon as I give a test, they ask me when the grades will be posted on Grade Connect."

Another teacher and long-time user says that students realize Grade Connect holds them more accountable. "Since they can find out anything about the course in a few keystrokes, they can't say they forgot to write down their homework assignment," he says. "And Grade Connect lets you see how often each student views the site."

Student Account features:

Grades available online

No self-deception—the student can see exactly what is in the teacher's gradebook for him or her. (Each student can see only his/her own grades.) Students will know how they did on the last test which means less questions for the teacher.

Students will know what homework, tests or projects are missing or late.

Assignments posted

Students are alerted of their assignments as soon as they login to Grade Connect. Writing assignments down in class is no longer required.

Absentees can still retrieve their assignments as easily as if they were in school that day.

Student Calendar

The student calendar automatically alerts the student to upcoming deadlines and due dates. With just a click, the student can look ahead and see all important events. The student calendar is not course-specific, ALL important dates from ALL courses will be displayed.

Students can see what's due even if they are sick or absent for any reason.


Students can easily send email to their teacher from their account.


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